Peace Concept #5

Be the change the world seeks.

The world waits for each of us to do our part, however "small." We wish the world to be different and to change, and yet we hold on to our own prejudices, resentments and bitter memories, convinced that only if others changed we would be happy. We find that when we wait for others to change, we will probably never be happy, because they will likely never change to our satisfaction. However, when we realize that we can influence our small part of the world, we become empowered to be greater than we are, and to bring happiness and joy where we can. It doesn't mean we have to hold offices to influence men and women in power; we can simply bring positive energy and peace to our families, to our neighborhood, to our community. Perhaps we need to reach out to people who have been alienated or ostracized or misunderstood. Perhaps it means we look others in the eyes or talk to those we may have ignored. Or perhaps we can find time each day to pray or meditate for ways to increase the peace we seek in our lives.