Peace Concept #4

Peace attracts peace.

Our peaceful attitudes and actions attract the same to us. When we are at peace, we find others who seek peace as well. When we choose forgiveness, others forgive us, even perhaps wrongs we thought we could never be forgiven for. When we forgive the world and other humans, we open the opportunity for a great energy of peace to come to us that we perhaps thought did not exist. We may be amazed to find that peace is not weak; for too long we judged might with strength, and peace with frailty. When we see peace as it truly is, we find it is magnificent, cleansing and overpowering, yet only in ways that benefit all. We have long heard the aphorism, "Violence begets violence." But peace also begets peace. Peace finally is not a passive posture, but a mindset that also includes taking action in the name of creating peace. Let us not forget that peace, like a garden, needs to be cultivated in order for it to flourish. We need to find where in the world peace needs our energy most. Once we plant the seeds, a great garden of peace will be ours to treasure.