Peace Concept # 1.

There is no Peace outside of me.

We begin with this simple premise, yet that could change the world if everyone believed and acted on it. Why do we say there is no peace outside of ourselves? Because throughout human history we have looked outside of ourselves for peace without finding peace. We have believed that others have the power to create peace in our lives and can also take peace away. We have believed that others "make" us angry, resentful, and even violent. That would place peace outside of ourselves and make it vulnerable to the whims of the world. Yet if peace were within us, nothing could threaten or damage it. Even if we are survivors of violence, we must heal without reverting back to violence. When we use violence, even the "right a wrong," we are pushing peace away. Seeking peace within ourselves does not mean condoning or even accepting others' wrongdoing to us or our loved ones. It does mean that the pain we feel must be healed within ourselves rather than turning to acts of violence as tempting yet temporary band-aids that only tear away the scabs that need to mend. When I seek peace within myself do I finally find peace. And once I find peace for myself, so do I find peace for all humankind.