Peace Concept # 3

Peace is Freedom

When we are truly at peace, we find ourselves living the freest lives possible. When we are engaged in conflict, we are most burdened and imprisoned in cycles of suffering. While occasionally strong force or strong action may end unacceptable violence against others, we acknowledge that force alone does not create peace. Only a decision to be peaceful creates peaceful world. Peace and freedom are interchangeable, because when we are at peace we have the most available choices to us that encourage and strengthen our humanity. When we choose violence instead of peace, we become captured by the tolls violence takes on our bodies, minds, and souls. We have learned through experience that violence impacts not only the one who receives it, but also impacts the one that delivers it. Peace, on the other hand, acknowledges the humanity of all--even those who seem to deserve it the least. For it is the humanity within us that peace calls back to each of us, so that we may heeds its call again. Peace ultimately brings us back to the freedom of choice.