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Is peace truly possible on earth? Many times we've heard the call to peace, yet somehow another war of words, another bombing, another invasion seems to undermine the permanence of peace. We wonder, when will people finally stop using violence as a solution? Or we ask, when will a permanent peace finally take hold?

Yet we assume peace can be achieved through negotiation, through coersion, through compromise, through disarmament, or even through the threat of war itself. Yet, peace is not a condition dependent upon external circumstances.

Peace is our true nature calling us to bring forth our true reality of eternal calm, eternal wisdom, eternal respect for life. This is not about whether or not we use arms to defend ourselves. It is about bringing forth the reality of peace that has far too long been dormant on this planet.

Solutions for Peace is a call for each of us to explore Peace in a new and lasting way. Instead of seeing Peace as a condition outside of ourselves and dependent upon the behavior of others, we see Peace as our true nature as humans and a reality we can each start to experience today. Peace depends not on what others do, but how we choose to see and relate to others and the world around us. We see that solutions to create Peace are within each of us and practicing them can change our world dramatically.

Welcome to Solutions for Peace.